Clients who come to work with me want to learn more about themselves. They may have a sense that events from their past are impacting how they relate to the world around them or the people in their life. They may be wondering why certain limiting patterns keep repeating in their life. They are at times struggling with emotions that overwhelm them. They may also want to connect more deeply with the good things in their life.

I work with you to create an environment for understanding and freedom of choice. Be it freedom from your past, a present crisis, or future concerns, counselling is a unique experience for every person I work with. Counselling is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and feelings in a confidential environment.

I have been working with individuals and groups toward positive change for the past 8 years.  This journey began with my work as a diversity educator with Inclusive Leadership bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to nurture and mentor leadership in ourselves, our communities and beyond.  I have a Masters degree in counselling psychology with additional research and training in mindfulness, group counselling and trauma counselling.  I have a Bachelors degree in psychology with additional studies and research in anxiety, attention, nature-connections and mindfulness.  I am a certified therapist in a mindfulness-based experiential method called Hakomi and I have completed the basic training (level I and II) in EMDR.  Currently, I provide counselling for BC Male Survivors; an agency dedicated to helping men recover from sexual abuse and several Employee and Family Assistance Programs.    I am also an approved provider for counselling benefits through the Crime Victim Assistance Program.

Across the span of my life so far I have found myself in a variety of different settings both personally and professionally.  In my youth I was a passionate snowboarder, in my twenties I spent 10 years working in forestry as a timber cruiser roaming the mountains measuring trees.  In my spare time I still roam the mountains but now it’s hiking, biking and snowshoeing that take me there.